BBC Slut

Saw my Black Daddy for the first time in many months this weekend.

When I arrived, he was naked at the bottom of the stairs to the second floor.  As I kneeled before him, he said he wanted to piss in my mouth and immediately started to do so.  I quickly wrapped my lips around his thick dick as the piss started to flow and fill up my mouth.  I swallowed as the piss stream continued - probably about 5 mouthfuls total, and then he grabbed my head and started fucking his big dick into my mouth.  I was gagging, but that’s what we both like.

He was worked up, so after about 3 minutes, I stopped, stripped off my clothes, and laid back on the stairs underneath him.  He rose up and sat straight down on my face, his asshole right over my mouth.  I know what he wanted and my lips and tongue were immediately all over and in his musky ass.  He sat down hard, and I reached up to jack off his big long dick.  

And then he said he was thinking about shitting in my mouth!

When he said it, I immediately started to cum - (my above-average but not nearly as big as Daddy’s) cock started squirting all over me.  

He laughed and sat down harder on my mouth and grabbed my still-cumming dick and kept jerking it off and he started to cum all over me too as I kept stroking his nut out.

That was the first time I’ve ever cum without touching myself.

As we cleaned up, he asked me if I really wanted to live out that fantasy - having him shit in my mouth.  We had discussed the fantasy of that before, but never brought it up during sex.

Given the results of his words, I’m actually considering it.